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What We Do.
HedgeACT is an investment platform that provides institutions, family offices, wealth advisors and suitably qualified investors access to its proprietary suite of curated specialty alternative investment strategies.
HedgeACT's mission is to identify, research and provide due diligence on niche alternative investment strategies. We identify and source unique risk-adjusted return strategies that historically have provided true alpha and are not correlated to the broader asset classes.
HedgeACT does not directly manage strategies. It is the brand name of Global Fund Technologies, LLC’s technology platform. Global Fund Technology’s affiliate, Griffin Asset Management, LLC, is an SEC Exempt Reporting Advisor that manages proprietary fund and fund of fund vehicles utilizing the HedgeACT investment platform, which provides an additional insular control environment for the manager strategies that we sponsor.
Advisors may contact us at to obtain an inventory of our
products or to discuss creating a customized multi-strategy fund.
Our Strategies

HedgeACT's sponsored strategies have demonstrated consistent returns, and low negative volatility.

Our strategies include:

Life Settlement
Secured Lending
Event Driven
Medical Receivables Litigation Finance
Who We Are.

Michael E. Griffin
Founder & CEO
Simon Clark
Michael E. Griffin has held executive level positions in the alternative investment management industry for the past 30 years. As the founder and CEO of HedgeACT, he is actively involved in the sourcing, research and due diligence of niche alternative strategies for the firm's wealth management clients. Simon is a seasoned wealth management professional who has held leadership positions in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. He has been consistently engaged in the creation and management of investment, credit and ancillary products for the High Net Worth and Family Office communities.

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