Strategy Descriptions.

life settlements [Closed]

HedgeACT’s alternative investment management team systematically selects and purchases suitable life policies, assuming the repayment of the premiums, often until the maturity of the policy. As the policies mature, the value increases until the death benefit is realized. The asset class is uncorrelated to the markets and is an increasingly popular investment vehicle for those exploring alternative investment. As a first-mover, our clients benefit greatly from our experience and understanding of this growing market.

Medical Receivables [Closed/New Fund Managed by Affiliate]

The personal injury claim market in the United States is estimated to be $35 billion to $40 billion annually. There are a significant number of claimants awaiting urgent treatment, as a result of the inefficient healthcare system. Medical receivables companies enable claimants to receive expedited treatment, often at heavily discounted rates, in return for the advanced payment of fees to medical service providers. We provide the financing to make this service possible.

Multi-Strategy [Managed by Affiliate]

HedgeACT's multi-manager strategy invests in other strategies and managed accounts through two investment strategies. The first is a diversified strategy that focuses on combining asset classes that have historically had low volatility and low correlation to each other. The second, we research a specific asset class or sector and then execute by finding the best managers or strategies within that sector.

Special Situations [Closed]

Our Special Situations strategies look to capitalize on inefficiencies in the capital markets around corporate events. These can include but are not limited to merger & acquisition arbitrage, global credit, biotech and healthcare markets.

We are an advisor of

alternative strategies

HedgeACT's mission is to identify, research and provide due diligence on niche alternative investment strategies. We identify and source unique risk-adjusted return strategies that historically have provided true alpha and are not correlated to the broader asset classes.

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